Wolf Rank

100.00 USD

Package Description


✔️ [Wolf] tag in chat

✔️ [Wolf] tag on TAB

✔️ [Wolf] tag in your nametag

✔️ Wolf role on the discord server

✔️ Blue colored name in chat

✔️ Blue colored nametag

✔️ Unlimited sethomes

✔️ Unlimited player shops

✔️ All particle effects

✔️ All particle styles

✔️ 3 Particles active at a time

✔️ All player glow colors

✔️ 30 Custom glow effects

✔️ 30 Player warps

✔️ 30 Land claim flags (EnterMessage, ExitMessage, ChangeBiome, AllowPvP, InfiniteArrows, KeepInventory, KeepLevel, NoBlockGravity, NoBlockSpread, NoChorusFruit, NoElytra, NoEnderPearl, NoEnter, NoEnterPlayer, NoExplosionDamage, NoFallDamage, NoFireDamage, NoFlight, NoFluidFlow, NoGrowth, NoIceForm, NoItemDrop, NoItemPickup, NoLeafDecay, NoOpenDoors, NoPetDamage, NoSnowForm, NotifyEnter, NoWeatherChange, ProtectNamedMobs)

✔️ Add a colored glow, blinking and rainbow glow to your player

✔️ Keep inventory on death

✔️ Keep xp on death

✔️ Send colored messages in chat

✔️ Join the server if it is full

✔️ Create signs with colorful text

✔️ Enable/disable warp notifications

✔️ Pick up spawners with Silk Touch (24h cooldown)

✔️ Bypass random teleport cooldown


✔️ /feed → Fully replenish hunger (15min cooldown)

✔️ /itemname → Rename any item that you are holding with colors and effects (&0-9, &a-f, &m, &n)

✔️ /sit → Makes your player sit on the ground

✔️ /craft → Open a portable crafting bench from anywhere

✔️ /loom → Open a portable loom from anywhere

✔️ /nickname → Changes your username in chat

✔️ /keepinv-on/off → Turns keep inventory on or off

✔️ /particles → Choose 50+ different particles

✔️ /glow → Apply a colorful glow to your player

✔️ /grindstone → Open a portable grindstone from anywhere

✔️ /hat → Puts any selected block onto your head

✔️ /bellyflop → Makes your player do a bellyfop 

✔️ /disposal → Opens a portable trash can

✔️ /near → Shows the players nearby you

✔️ /setclaimflag → Add a special flag to your land claim

✔️ /smithingtable → Open a portable smith table from anywhere

✔️ /cartographytable → Open a portable cartography table from anywhere

✔️ /heal → Fully replenish hunger and health (15min cooldown)

✔️ /thru → Teleport through the block or wall you are looking at

✔️ /enderchest → Open a portable ender chest from anywhere

✔️ /crawl → Makes your player start crawling on the ground

✔️ /1v1 → Challenge players to a private duel with item wagering and custom kits

✔️ /lay → Makes your player lay on the ground

✔️ /condense → Makes any uncondensed item(s) in your inventory into blocks

✔️ /jump → Teleports you where you are looking (30sec cooldown)

✔️ /tptoggle → Toggle teleport requests from other players

✔️ /anvil → Open a portable anvil from anywhere

✔️ /stonecutter → Open a portable stonecutter from anywhere

✔️ /ptime → Changes the time for your player

✔️ /firework → Create fireworks with custom trials, effects, and powers

✔️ /beezooka → Throw an exploding bee where you are looking

✔️ /skull → Spawn any player's head as a wearable item (4hr cooldown)

✔️ /repair → Fully repair any items durability (12hr cooldown)

Purchase Rewards:

✔️ 8,000 Claim Blocks

✔️ 3,600 Experience Points