Parrot Rank

50.00 USD 35.00 USD

Package Description


✔️ [Parrot] tag in chat

✔️ [Parrot] tag on TAB

✔️ [Parrot] tag in your nametag

✔️ Pink colored chat text

✔️ Pink colored name in chat

✔️ Pink colored nametag

✔️ 20 Sethomes

✔️ 25 Player shops

✔️ 12 Particle effects

✔️ 12 Particle styles

✔️ 2 Particles active at a time

✔️ 6 Player glow colors

✔️ 20 Player warps

✔️ 15 Land claim flags

✔️ 10 Mob morphs (cod, creeper, parrot, enderman,
panda, polar bear, sheep, slime, spider, zombie)

✔️ Add a colored glow around your player

✔️ Add a blinking glow around your player

✔️ Keep inventory on death

✔️ Keep xp on death

✔️ Join a realm if it is full

✔️ Create signs with colorful text

✔️ Enable/disable warp visit notifications


✔️ /feed Fully replenish hunger (15min cooldown)

✔️ /sit → Makes your player sit on the ground

✔️ /craft Opens a portable crafting bench

✔️ /loom Opens a portable loom

✔️ /nickname Changes your name in chat

✔️ /keepinv-on/off Turns keep inventory on or off

✔️ /particles Opens the particles menu

✔️ /glow Opens the glow colors menu

✔️ /grindstone → Opens a portable grindstone

✔️ /hat Puts any selected block onto your head

✔️ /bellyflop → Makes your player do a bellyfop 

✔️ /disposal Opens a portable trash can

✔️ /near Shows the players nearby you

✔️ /setclaimflag Add a special flag to your land claim

✔️ /smithingtable Opens a portable smith table

✔️ /cartographytable Opens a portable cartography table

✔️ /heal → Fully replenish hunger and health (15min cooldown)

✔️ /enderchest Opens a portable ender chest

✔️ /crawl → Makes your player start crawling on the ground

✔️ /condense Converts any uncondensed item(s) into blocks

✔️ /jump Teleports you where you are looking (30sec cooldown)

✔️ /tptoggle Toggle teleportation requests from players

✔️ /morph Opens the menu with your available morphs

Purchase Rewards:

✔️ 8,000 Claim Blocks

✔️ 2,200 Experience Points